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Do you have (or suspect that you have) structural problems?

Have you noticed any significant cracking to your property – are doors and windows sticking?

Is your Swimming pool losing water or is the water no longer level with the tiles?

Building problems Spain

Mark Paddon BSc Hons (Building Surveying). MCIOB. FAS. CAAT.

Do you have a retaining wall that is bulging?

Does your house have excessive damp?

All of these may be signs of a structural defect and all should be investigated promptly.

If you have a Builder’s Guarantee (Decenal), you may be covered against certain building defects and be able to claim on your insurance backed policy, for any necessary remedial work.  However, to do this, you have to be able to prove that the defects to your property are covered under your Decenal – and this is not always a simple matter.

Indeed, our experience, as a fully qualified British building surveyor and Irish building dispute lawyer (both qualified in Spain/UK and fluent in Spanish), is that getting Decenal insurers to act can be far from easy.  In fact, it often takes an authoritative building surveyor’s report before any action is taken – and sometimes even that can take a lawyer’s involvement and litigation!

At Building Defects Spain, we are dedicated specialists experienced in resolving structural problems with Spanish properties and we provide you with a highly qualified, professional, ‘one-stop’  service.

In fact, not only do we provide you with a full investigative report to see if you really do have problems – but also we can manage any necessary remedial works.  Equally, we can work for you in any building dispute and provide you with the expert assistance you need, to make a successful claim against your insurer or builder.

So, if you think your Spanish property has structural problems contact us now or
see BUILDING DEFECTS SPAINfor further information.

Finally, do check the expiry date of your Spanish builder’s Guarantee!

Seguros Decenales last only 10 years and many properties with Decenales are getting close to ten years old now.  Yours may be one of these – and it is well worth having a pre-decenal check of your home in Spain before your Builder’s Guarantee runs out!

If you want know more: call Nick on 696 066 351 or e-mail: buildingdefectsspain@ gmail.com